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Have the lighting for your building, hotel, bar, restaurant, premises or home professionally designed to make the most of the space and features available to you.

Creating the right look and atmosphere can completely transform the look and the way you and your customers see and use the space around you.

We bring entertainment lighting design to the architectural, service and domestic lighting market.
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For a fully integrated design
and installation service.

traditional and modern architectural lighting styles mixed together
We design and specify lighting installations for the architectural, service and domestic market.

Light is a key component of any room or building. It affects the way we feel, the way we see things and the way we use the space around us. Having your lighting professionally designed and installed can make all the difference to the look, feel and atmosphere of the place you live, work or play. With the right design, fixtures and control systems, the look can also be changed to suit the mood at the touch of a button.

Video effects and imagery can also be integrated into the lighting to enhance the design. Imagine a glass window that is actually a moving image.... a sunset, a logo, abstract patterns, the moon and stars in the night sky.... the possibilities are endless.... and all selectable at the touch of a button.

lighting and video technology converge together

We take on projects of various size for establishments such as hotel groups, pubs, clubs, restaurants and residential dwellings. Larger projects involving different design disciplines are carried out in conjunction with Keiba Solutions allowing us to offer a fully integrated package.

Anytronics Anylight is an architectural dimming and electrical control system for use in both domestic and commercial applications. It offers remarkable control flexibility whilst involving the minimum of installation and commissioning effort. When necessary the system can be re-programmed by the end user.

Conventional dimmers, switched circuits and any DMX controllable fixture can be incorporated. Input control can also be passed from any DMX control device such as a lighting desk or architectural timer control system.

The system can comprise of many different components depending upon application. These include dimmer and switching modules in various configurations and a variety of control panels in different finishes designed to fit into standard UK pattress boxes which can give control of single channels or scenes. There is also an IR remote control option. Control signals are carried on a single pair of conductors for which CAT5 data cable is an ideal solution.

There are also a number of dedicated lighting fixtures available such as the Digital Fluorescent Ballasts which come in 2, 3 and 4 way tube versions of varying length allowing for additive colour mixing with a choice of source colours.

Anylight is currently sold worldwide and has been installed in such places as restaurants, clubs, pubs, galleries, churches, cinemas, retail outlets, schools and domestic dwellings.

The choice of control system is wide and varied. We are not restricted to any particular system and can source products from a number of different manufacturers.
Candlelight and LED light
Colour Mixing LED fixture
modern architectural lighting design
daylight corrected fixtures providing artificial moonlight
traditional and modern architectural lighting styles mixed

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